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Ten pointers to human self destruction

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Published by in Information · 20 April 2019
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Ten pointers to human self-destruction courtesy of

  1. Gossiping
  2. Gambling
  3. Stress
  4. Body modification
  5. Bullying
  6. Clinging to bad habits (smoking, drinking, eating to excess, and so on)
  7. Cheating
  8. Stealing
  9. A craving for violence
  10. Lying

It should be noted that gossiping is the number one self destructive behaviour with bullying, cheating, stealing, violence and lying being on the list of these toxic behaviours.

How people display self destructive behaviours are shown below.

  • They fail to take action
  • They push people away
  • They refuse offers of help
  • They make unnecessary self-sacrifices
  • They portray themselves as incapable or incompetent
  • They self-harm
  • They deliberately harm others (narcissistic/psychopathic behaviour)
  • They abuse alcohol and drugs (narcissistic/psychopathic behaviour)
  • They hide from their emotions
  • They suffer bouts of self-pity (narcissistic/psychopathic behaviour)
  • They spend too much (narcissistic/psychopathic behaviour)
  • They neglect themselves, both physically and mentally (narcissistic/psychopathic behaviour is quite the opposite, it is common for narcissists/psychopaths to be hypochondriacs)
  • They sabotage relationships (narcissistic/psychopathic behaviour)
  • They live recklessly (narcissistic/psychopathic behaviour)
  • They commit social suicide (narcissistic/psychopathic behaviour)
  • They commit actual suicide (occasional narcissistic/psychopathic behaviour if and when found out)

It can be seen that a lot of self destructive behaviour is common to psychopaths/narcissists although these individuals seem to be totally oblivious to what they do.

Author's Opinion
The human agenda would seem to be a narcissistic agenda leading to self destruction, it is impossible to have never ending growth as our leaders would have everyone believe, the world is only a finite size after all. We have probably passed the tipping point for the earth's natural world and natural resources and we have uncontrolled population growth. In nature populations are controlled by lack of resources such as food and predators, the only predators humans have are other humans. There does not appear to be any long term plan for the human species and even though more and more humans are becoming aware of the impending ecological disaster no one really knows what to do about it, so we blunder on regardless, expending resources as if there is no tomorrow (maybe there isn't one for humans if nothing changes!).

Even without climate change and all the other impending disasters there will come a time were we will be unable to supply ourselves with food and water unless there is some dramatic change to the human approach to life and other living things. As the supposedly most intelligent species on this planet it is surely our collective responsibility to look after it and all it's inhabitants and over rule our natural instincts of self interest and greed. After all it is our own future generations which are going to reap the whirlwind if nothing is done.

Readers may wonder why the above few paragraphs are relevant to a web site on narcissistic abuse, bullying and mobbing; it is extremely relevant; the way nations are controlled is bullying and narcissistic control on a much larger scale. Narcissists often lead their followers down the path of mutual self destruction, it would appear our national leaders are following the same path. As always the silent majority, the bystanders who leave action to someone else and hope for change, will sit back and wait until it is far too late which will probably assure their own mutual destruction.

As a fellow human being the author fully aware of their own weaknesses and shortcomings being just as guilty of playing a part in the human route to self destruction owning consumer goods, a home, etc. However, the author is also aware that if the human race is to survive it must change for the good of the whole planet, short term gains and agendas are no longer viable in the modern era, long term goals are necessary possibly spanning hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

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