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Richard Holly - Common sense approach to mobbing

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Published by in Information · 7 April 2019
Tags: Abuse
Richard Holly seems to be a down to earth individual with a good idea of what community mobbing is about which is the turning of a community against an individuakl by a sociopath or sociopaths with the intention of harassing the individual to death if possible. He has a YouTube presence at

An interesting comment he has made is about "Voice to Skull" (v2k) which is when targeted people supposedly hear voices or noises while no one else around them does. This can be easily done using commercially available products which use highly directional sound waves which are commonly used by art galleries and museums for certain exhibits. His article can be viewed on YouTube at An example of this would be the person standing directly in front of an exhibit in an art gallery is able to hear the narration about the exhibit but other individuals on either side of the exhibit do not hear anything.

An example of mobbing can be clearly seen in this YouTube video which can be viewed at

It is interesting that so many people seem to be perfectly happy to be pawns in a mobbing campaign and in the process give up their integrity and self esteem to any old sociopath who has no regard for them whatsoever. Sad but true.

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