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Quite possibly another psychopathic setup

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Published by in Information · 18 January 2020
Tags: Abuse
My wife telephoned and said our dog had nipped a post woman's coat.

Police turned up in the evening and now it is advised that the dog now wears a muzzle when out in public.

Apparently my wife had passed the post woman the first time and the dog was fine and just walked by. However, further along the post woman suddenly turned up behind my wife, catching her out, and the dog jumped up and nipped her coat. The post woman then said you’re the woman from such and such a house and telephoned the police. The post woman would have had to really rush to turn up where and when she did!

This would seem to have all the hallmarks of a psychopathic setup, the postal workers have had it in for the dog ever since we got him in just the the same way as they had it in for my previous dog before he was killed. Then the police true to form act as facilitators for the abuse, it is quite possible the ongoing abuse was originally instigated by the police considering the lies I have been told by the police in the past regarding other incidents may indicate this.

The moral here is if youy are being mobbed try and protect yourself and pets when out in public. The mob will take every opportunity to cause trouble. All you can do is try to minimise those opportunities.

It is interesting that a Cheshire police chief has launched a campaign against the epidemic of bullying and wants to tackle the bullying of children and adults. The article can be viewed here. (

I doubt it will get very far as too much abuse is facilitated and accentuated by individual members of the police. In far too many cases abuse victims have either commited suicide or have been murdered after contacting the police. Some targets of abuse have been cautioned, fined or even imprisoned by the police when trying to reach out for help with their dire predicament; feeling they have no one to turn to they feel there is no other option but suicide or the perpetrator gets impatienbt and decides to kill the target themselves. Forums, blogs and other literature which is aimed at supporting targets of abuse often say to be very careful when approaching the police for help. In my case the mobbing started in earnest after trying to reach out to the police for help.

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