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Police attitude to stalking, abuse and harassment

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Published by in Information · 11 April 2019
Tags: Abuse
The two articles listed below are about two unfortunate women who were stalked and ultimately murdered by their stalkers demonstrates the very poor attitude of the police to individuals targeted by stalkers. The articles can be viewed at:

These articles reflect the author's personal experience of reporting abuse and harassment to the police.

Common points are:

  • The author being made to feel like some sort of criminal.
  • Police behaving in an offhand and dishonest way to undermine the targeted individual.
  • Police acting in an aggressive and bullying manner which leaves the targeted individual even more isolated.
  • Police seem to side with the abuser(s) not with the targeted individual. Bear in mind that abusers are better at lying than the targeted individual is at telling the truth so it is likely the abuser(s) will sound very plausible, even though it is all lies.
  • In the author's case a mobbing campaign commenced after reporting the abuse to the police.

It is this attitude of the police and authorities to targets of stalking and mobbing that gives the abuser(s) the belief they can continue their abuse unhindered until the inevitable conclusion.

The articles confirm the author's and many other targeted individual's belief that approaching the police for help with any form of abuse may be a very bad mistake and may cause the abuse to escalate exponentially. The police are unlikely to help and in fact may make matters much worse, the targeted individual need to look to themselves in order to combat the abuse. The targeted individual should assume the stalking and/or mobbing has the aim of their murder and should behave accordingly by taking as many precautions as possible while not relying on the authorities for help.

All police forces have statements about approaching them if you are stalked but actions speak louder than words with case after case of failed victims piling up at their doors. The only positive thing about all the reports of failed stalking victims is the publicity and the raising of public awareness to the scourge that is stalking and mobbing.

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