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Narcissistic mob and scapegoating in Blaxton

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Published by in Information · 5 October 2019
Tags: Mobbing
Narcissism often focuses on the individual but this is narrow minded there are often people who are targeted by groups of narcissists often led by a narcissistic pack leader. The group may be made up of narcissists or a mixture of narcissists and toxic enablers. The group members will have their own flying monkeys they can recruit into the mobbing campaign which they can use to promote smear campaigns using gossip, slander and lies to further their toxic agenda. The purpose of the targeted individual is to be used as a scapegoat for all the mobs toxic activities and shortcomings.

This is something I have been made aware of for some years now and it has the village of Blaxton in a stranglehold which it seems unable to shake off. There is a fairly large group of toxic individuals making the village appear a lot more antisocial than it actually is but no one in the know has the courage to speak up and break the cycle. In fact some people who knew about the mobbing campaign effectively appear to have escaped and moved away from the village rather than participate in it.

The sociopathic or narcissistic pack leader will be having a good laugh at everyone in the village who have turned bad due to their manipulations, it is what they live for. Some of the people who have turned extremely toxic will not realise how bad they have become while most really will not care as it adds some drama to their lives. The grouo may not even know who the real leader is due to the way social media can be used with fake profiles, etc. The instigator probably does not even live in the area they have targeted and will present themselves as decent, friendly people while in reality they are evil personified; this enables them to live in a decent community while producing a toxic community far removed from them.

A good paragraph from the link below is provided below:

Therapist Christine Hammond (2017) writes that:

“The purpose of a scapegoat is to pass responsibility onto someone else. Usually this person is unsuspecting at first and agrees because they are trying to get along with others. This technique of passing the buck is very common with narcissists, sociopaths, and addicts. Narcissists can’t allow their ego to be tarnished by an error. Sociopaths do it for the sport of it.”

An article which covers this topic can be viewed at The Narcissistic Conspiracy: Scapegoating, Smear Campaigns And Black Sheep – How Narcissistic Groups Bully Their Chosen Victims by Shahida Arabi (Updated October 5, 2018)

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