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Cheshire police chief launches campaign against 'epidemic' of bullying

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Published by in Information · 18 January 2020
Tags: Bullying

A commission to look into the issue of bullying is being established by Cheshire’s police and crime commissioner David Keane.

The main text of the article can be viewed below.

The commissioner wants to bring together a team of community representatives to look into the issue which he describes as ‘an epidemic among all generations in our society’.

He has chosen the international Stop Cyber Bullying Day to launch the anti-bullying commission which will look into incidences of bullying both on and off line.
The commission will review existing legislation and research, guidelines around bullying, best practice in tackling the issue, and real-life case studies to establish what more can be done to protect victims.

As part of this review, the commission will open a call-for-evidence where individuals can anonymously tell their story and experiences of being bullied.
Mr Keane said: “We are seeing an increase in bullying not just in our schools but also in the work place. Research now reveals that one in six children have been bullied at school in the last 12 months while a third of adults have been subject to workplace bullying at some time in their careers.

“We’re also seeing the nature and intensity of bullying changing. Gone are the days when you could go home from school or work to a safe place away from bullies, internet technology now means bullies can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week bringing a constant source of distress and worry for victims.”

Through the anti-bullying commission, a set of recommendations will be developed for police and other criminal justice organisations, education establishments and elected representatives to consider how they can provide more protection for victims of bullying.

“This issue is becoming epidemic among all generations in our society. There has been a number of cases where bullying has resulted in tragic events such as suicide and self-harm. This should not be happening; more needs to be done to protect both children and adults from bullying.

“All law enforcement agencies, education establishments and employers have a role to play in providing better protection for their residents, pupils or staff members. I hope that the anti-bullying commission can influence the actions of these agencies”, he added.

The commissioner is now looking for an independent chair to lead the commission and is advertising for the role on his website. He is seeking someone who is passionate about safeguarding children and adults and has the relevant leadership skills to drive forward the commission.

Personal Note:

It is my opinion it will not even scratch the surface of modern abuse which involves stalking, cyber bullying, workplace bullying, workplace mobbing, community mobbing. How can it work when a whole section of a community turns on an individual to try and murder them by proxy, make no mistake, that is what the abuse is working towards.

Bullying to most people brings up to most people images of the bullying they experienced at school, modern bullying with the aid of social media is far more vicious than that; it is a process aimed at the pushing of the selected target to suicide which in the case of bullying is murder by proxy.

The police respond to many setups and incidents by blaming the target and supporting the perpetrators; in many cases the targets of abuse have been cautioned, fined or even imprisoned when approaching the police for help. In this way the target is effectively isolated from any support system and in many cases they are pushed to self destruct which is why mobbing is a very effective tool for anyone with an axe to grind. Apparently there is no shortage of people willing to join in a mobbing campaign for all sorts of reasons especially in this modern age were empathy and understanding is regarded as a weakness.

It is easy to tell if you are a bully or abuser if you:

  • Gossip about other people, passing on information not knowing if it is true or not and not even caring.
  • You partake in kind of setups for any reason, there is no justification for any maunufactured incident.
  • You participate knowingly or unknowingly in a smear campaign, see gossiping above.
  • You track someone's movements and monitor their property.
  • You vandalise other people's property or attack their pets.
  • You take part in street theatre, pretending mock offense or deliberately over react ot any incident.
  • You are part of a mob demonising one individual in the community just because other people say they should, the reasons are most likely fabricated.
  • You feel like you have to carry out actions you know are wrong just be part of the "in crowd".

It is easy to tell if you are dealing with a bully or abuser if they:

  • Gossip about other people or pass on
    information about other people. Gossips will gossip about everyone including you as long as you are not around.

  • Smear other people to you and a lot of what they say seems far fetched or out of character for the person concerned. This is made worse if you do not really know the person concerned.
  • Take every opportunity to undermine someone and putting a negative slant on eanything they do or say.
  • Tell you what other people are doing and when or passing on other people's private business.
  • Vandalise property or hurt pets while saying the other person deserves it.
  • Demonise someone and tell you it is alright because everyone else is doing it.
  • Lie about someone and again tell you it is alright because everyone else is saying the same thing.
  • Tell you to fit in with the community or "in crowd" you should be doing this or mixing with this group, etc.

Please try to be a bit more empathic and understanding and rise above the modern need to bully and abuse, if you do not you are creating a particularly toxic future for yourselves and your children. Society should try and stop the trend of suicide, self harm and abuse amongst adults and children alike.

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